Solo Art Exhibition 

3PM OPENING, Wedneday, 1 November, 2023

Opens at Thought Pyramid Art Centre with the Performance, Body Blue.

Fashion show follows after at Mydrim Gallery.

Exhibition continues in  Thought Pyramid Art Centre, 1-25 November 2023 (9 am – 6 pm daily)

Body, Blue, and Beyond builds on my previous solo exhibition, Indigo Reimagined (2019), regarding its historical references to sartorial traditions and textile and indigo dyeing processes in Southwestern Nigeria. Body Blue, a video and performance piece, centers the body as a site of adornment – the sound of running water, sewing machines, and laughter convey the essence of the body during labor and leisure. Yet, profound expressions of the postcolonial condition emerge within busy workspaces. The continuous ripping of fabrics refers to the breaking down of colonial structures; the symbolic tearing of mass-produced copies of àdìre textiles flooding the local markets in Nigeria is a poignant reflection of what transpires in today’s marketplace. Body, Blue, and Beyond also refer to ecological issues. ‘Beyond’ in the title projects into the future and highlights the intersections between textiles and politics. This solo exhibition offers a comprehensive experience through fashion, video, performance art, installations, and relief sculptures.

Contact: Thought Pyramid Art Centre, 96, Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi

Mydrim Gallery: 74, Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi

email: [email protected]

Tel:  +234 803 332 2885/+234 907 401 8616